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Carlton Community History Group
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Carlton History Enquiries

CCHG is a volunteer group with limited research resources.  We welcome enquiries about Carlton, its history, people and businesses and will help wherever possible. We request that you provide us with full details of your enquiry and the sources you have already checked (including unsuccessful sources), and provide copies of documentation, if available. If your information is from a genealogical database, please also give details of the original source document (eg: electoral rolls, shipping records).

If you use research information provided by CCHG in a published work, we request that you acknowledge CCHG as the source and include a link to our website for electronic publications. We also request that you send a copy of the published work to CCHG, at the above address. Your research contributes to the history of Carlton and may help us answer future enquiries.

House History Enquiries

CCHG is unable to undertake house history research, as this work can be very time consuming. However, we can assist in advising you on available resources, such as maps, council rate books and postal directories. We can also advise on changes to council ward names, street names and numbering, as the house that you now own or occupy may have had a different address in the 19th or early 20th century.

Privacy Statement

The Carlton Community History Group (CCHG) values the privacy of our members and website visitors.

We will only record your details, such as your name, postal or email address and telephone number, if you:

Your details will never be shared or disclosed to anyone else without your consent.

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